Aurora™ is an Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) environment for customs and the marketplace

Aurora™ provides industry leading customs clearance and delivery management infrastructure software for eCommerce marketplaces, eRetailers, logistics companies, commercial carriers and postal operators.

We provide these six core services:

HS codes

We provide accurate HS codes for customs
pre-declaration and clearance.

Automatic declarations

These ensure items are exempt from VAT and receive green channel clearance across the EU border to their final destination.


Aurora™ underwrites the risk of damage and/or loss of goods in transit. We also insure against mis-declaration of value and content of packages.

Risk management

Aurora™ protects against counterfeit and fraud.

Fiscal representation

Aurora™ acts as a trusted third party to file VAT and duty accounts to the relevant authorities on behalf of our customers.

Logistics module

Aurora™ logistics module delivers simple depot management processes covering tracking and label management.